Thursday, February 10, 2011

Popular Crazy Legs Now on a Lizard

The crazy legs phenom that revolutionized by the Berkley® PowerBait® Chigger Craw is now available on the new PowerBait 6-inch Crazy Legs Lizard.

Anglers across the nation know the power of Carolina rigging a lizard down to a point, but little do they know how much more power adding crazy legs can have. Generating more strikes with the crazy legs, the PowerBait Crazy Legs Lizard is soon to be one of the biggest baits on the water.

“For as long as I’ve fished the top bait to fish a Carolina rig with has been the lizard,” said Boyd Duckett, Berkley Pro Angler. “The only problem with that is nobody has changed the lizard, until now. The Berkley PowerBait Crazy Legs
Lizard is unique and adds life to a formerly basic bait. The added action of the crazy legs brings this bait to life, and fish won’t be able to stand it.”

Available in six fish-attracting colors: Black, Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin, Pumpkin Chartreuse, Pumpkinseed and Watermelon Big Red, the PowerBait 6-inch Crazy Legs Lizard is equipped with ten high-action crazy appendages that continually move with any given speed. Combined constant motion of crazy legs and PowerBait scent gives fish something they’ve never seen before.

Crazy Legs Lizard are dosed with PowerBait scent that fish bite and don’t let go. MSRP for re-sealable package of six PowerBait Crazy Legs Chigger Craw is $3.99.

The Crazy Legs family from Berkley PowerBait also include the 3-and 4-inch Crazy Legs Chigger Craw.

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