Friday, December 17, 2010

With ATTRAXX, fish don’t let go!

How often does a big fish bite a lure and spit it out before the angler can even react? Too often! Frequently, the angler never even knew the fish of a lifetime hit the bait. That won’t happen with the revolutionary new Mystic Tackleworks ATTRAXX™ system infused with SCI-X® Feeding Stimulants!

Developed from decades of research, SCI-X® Feeding Stimulants make fish feed more aggressively and hold onto baits longer. When a fish bites into an ATTRAXX™ soft-plastic bait, the SCI-X® Feeding Stimulant system releases natural, biodegradable chemicals that stimulate the fish’s own smell and taste systems.

“The secret of ATTRAXX™ is that it incorporates a system of putting fish attractant into soft plastic while it’s still a liquid,” said Craig “CP” Powers, a top bass pro on the FLW circuit. “That means it’s user friendly with no mess. When a fish bites into an ATTRAXX™ bait, it releases chemicals. It’s like one of those candies with a liquid center that gives a burst of flavor after a person bites into it. When fish get a taste of an ATTRAXX™ bait, they won’t let it go. That means it’s easier to get hook sets on fish.”

Dr. John Caprio, a world-renowned fish neurobiologist at Louisiana State University and member of the Mystic Tackleworks Scientific Team, spent more than 30 years researching how fish process odors and taste prey. He tested the reactions of various fish and isolated the specific natural chemicals that stimulate fish to eat something.

“Like humans, fish have distinct systems for tasting and smelling,” Caprio explained. “My laboratory determines the key chemicals that activate the smell and taste systems in fish. Humans smell things that go through the air. Fish can’t detect odors in the air. They detect water-soluble chemicals. We’ve identified the active components of those natural chemicals that fish are designed to detect and incorporated those chemicals into the ATTRAXX™ system with SCI-X®.”
Not only does the ATTRAXX™ system with SCI-X® release natural compounds that mimic live bait, each lure releases these stimulants in much greater concentrations than would occur naturally. The more stimulation -- the more aggressively fish bite! The longer fish hold onto the lure, the more likely anglers will catch them!

“Baits with scent added just stimulate the sense of smell,” Caprio explained. “If a person lost his sense of smell, he or she would have difficulty enjoying food. We understand what fish taste and smell so the ATTRAXX™ bait system with SCI-X® activates both the sense of smell and taste in fish. If we just put chemicals inside a lure, fish couldn’t detect it. When a fish bites an ATTRAXX™ bait with SCI-X®, it liberates those natural chemicals. The lure looks, feels, smells and tastes like live bait. Some bass even chew this material.”

In addition, when an ATTRAXX™ bait infused with SCI-X® hits the water, it immediately begins releasing massive amounts of the most advanced stimulant compound ever placed into a fishing lure. It continues releasing these natural stimulants for extended periods as the angler works the bait.

“The critical difference between ATTRAXX™ and other scented baits is that ATTRAXX™ activates ALL of the critical nerve centers, both taste and smell receptors, in fish,” said Greg Mitchell, chief officer of Mystic Tackleworks. “The formulation for ATTRAXX™ is so powerful that it makes fish hungry -- even when they aren’t. This results in increased feeding behavior and repetitive biting. Other baits don’t even come close to the physical and chemical stimulation provided by ATTRAXX™.”

In short, ATTRAXX™ baits releasing SCI-X® feeding stimulants simply help everyone catch more fish. It’s the taste fish can’t resist!

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