Friday, December 17, 2010

Mystic Tackleworks Joins Forces with Craig Powers

Mystic Tackleworks also joined forces with Craig Powers, a top bass pro on the FLW tournament circuit with multiple victories to his credit. One of the best topwater and crankbait anglers in the world, Powers learned how to make wooden crankbaits from some of the legendary lure builders of east Tennessee. He combined his design experience and knowledge acquired as a professional angler to perfect his own CP Series crankbaits.

“These homemade crankbaits have done more for my career winnings than any other bait I’ve ever used,” Powers said. “If you use the right CP Series tool in the right situation, you will catch more fish. And that is a FACT or I’ll buy it back.”

Powers designed three crankbaits, each customized for specific situations. With a tight wiggle, a Series 1 dives to about four feet and works best when run fast on long, shallow flats. A Series 2 dives to about six feet and can run through cover, good for probing piles of chunk rock, stump fields or fallen trees. Use a Series 3, which can dive to about nine feet, around steeper banks.

“I only have one body style, but with three different bills,” Powers said. “A Series 1 is a good search bait. I use it any place I might want to run a lipless crankbait. With a unique bill design coupled with the natural buoyancy of balsa wood, a Series 2 deflects from all types of cover. A Series 3 is a good bait when fishing 45-degree banks or in the early spring before bass get up on the flats.”

Made from solid flat-sided balsa with no rattles, CP Series crankbaits give fish a different presentation than most crankbaits. For the bills, Powers uses Lexan, the same durable clear plastic used on the Apollo astronaut helmets. Each CP Series crankbait comes in 10 proven colors.

“Nothing in the world is more buoyant than balsa wood,” Powers said. “A round bait has a wobble. A flat bait has a wiggle. I don’t’ like rattles because so many people throw rattling lures. My crankbaits give fish something different, a smaller profile with no rattles. For colors, keep it simple. People who fish for a living use a few colors all the time because those colors consistently catch fish. My personal favorite is sexy shad. In the spring, when water is cold, spring craw is Number 1! As soon as the spring frenzy is over, bass want sexy shad.”

For more information, contact Mystic Tackleworks at 860-415-0530. On line, see For more information or to order CP Series crankbaits, see

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