Friday, December 17, 2010

Attraxx™ Lure System Helps Anglers Catch More Fish

Feeding fish may follow a scent trail a long distance, which accounts for why live bait often outcatches most lures. That’s about to change with the revolutionary new Mystic Tackleworks ATTRAXX™ system!

The ATTRAXX™ system infuses soft-plastic baits with Sci-X® Feeding Stimulants, a biodegradable compound that makes fish feed more aggressively, announced Howard Hammonds, Mystic Tackleworks president, during the 2010 ICAST Show.
“The formulation for ATTRAXX™ is so powerful that it makes fish hungry -- even when they aren’t,” Hammonds said. “Other baits don’t even come close to the physical and chemical stimulation provided by ATTRAXX™.”

When a Mystic Tackleworks bait incorporating this compound hits the water, it immediately begins releasing massive amounts of the most advanced stimulant compound ever placed into a fishing lure. The lure continues releasing stimulant as the angler works the bait.

After conducting extensive research on what arouses fish to bite, Dr. John Caprio, a world-renowned fish neurobiologist at Louisiana State University and member of the Mystic Tackleworks scientific team, developed Sci-X. The ATTRAXX system with Sci-X works because it activates those nerve centers between the fish’s sensory organs and its brain.

When a fish detects potential prey, its nervous system carries that information from its nose and taste buds to the part of the brain that commands, “Eat it!” As a result, the fish attacks the lure reflexively, similar to the reaction a doctor sees when he or she taps someone’s knee.

“Many so called attractant formulas and scented baits often contain non-biologically relevant chemicals,” explained Dr. Caprio, the world’s leading expert on how taste and smell systems influence the feeding behavior of fresh and saltwater fish. “These chemicals are often poorly stimulatory, or have no biological effect at all.”

Derived from natural sources, the ATTRAXX™ system incorporates compounds designed to mimic the action, appearance and chemical releasing properties of live bait, but actually goes one better by releasing stimulant compounds in much greater concentrations than would occur naturally. To sum up, the more stimulation -- the more aggressively fish bite! The more fish bite -- the more fish anglers catch – in either fresh or salty water!

“The critical difference between ATTRAXX™ and other scented baits is that ATTRAXX™ activates ALL of the critical nerve centers, both taste and smell receptors, in fish,” Hammonds said. “This results in increased feeding behavior and repetitive biting!”

Since the Attraxx™ system not only attracts fish by smell, but taste, a fish that bites a Mystic Tackleworks bait incorporating the Attraxx™ simulation system may consider the lure natural food. Therefore, the fish hangs onto the lure longer, allowing the angler great opportunities to set the hook.

Tie some serious science to the end of your line and hang on. For more information, contact Mystic Tackleworks at 860-415-0530. On line, see

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