Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plano says "don't let the groundhog overshadow February tackle duties"

Whether Pennsylvania's famous furry little butterball saw his shadow today or not, most anglers across the country have already accepted the fact they are in for six more weeks of winter because it is only February. However, the groundhog sighting still offers encouragement since the plump little rodent looks to be about a 10-pounder, a size that stirs illusions of a double-digit bass or walleye on the line during a nice warm outing that surely will occur just a few weeks from now.

While it is only February, the month is a great time for anglers to really get serious about organizing for the 2011 fishing season. After all, spring is just around the corner.

"Tackle organization is more than just a thought process, it's the first step of an entire strategic plan for any fishing outing," said pro bass angler Kevin VanDam. "From what I see along the tournament trail, the most organized anglers are also consistently the most successful anglers."

In VanDam's case, it really is about "takes one to know one." He's won 19 BASS tournaments, including three Bassmaster Classics, earning more than $4.5 million in his 20-plus year career. When it comes to his tackle organization, he's a self-proclaimed fanatic about things being in their same place, each time, all the time.

"I can always tell you where something is among my gear, always!" he explained. "As far as I'm concerned, Plano's StowAways are the ultimate storage boxes for any type of angler and all skill levels." The clear boxes allow for easy identification of what's inside, the variety of sizes fit various needs and storage platforms, and they are affordable and durable. I base my entire organization structure around StowAways, whether it be how I store my tackle at home, in my vehicle or in my boat."

Plano introduced its first molded plastic tackle box in 1952 and the company has continued to provide a non-stop trail of ingenious solutions to tackle storage issues ever since. Among the company's newest introduction is the Guide Series Model 787 Angled Tackle System, a unique tackle box that incorporates VanDam's favorite StowAways, along with a few innovative wrinkles that makes it an ideal choice for "non-boater" tournament partners who often have to change their assortments from one day to the next.

The 787 is a roomy 23"L x 12.25"W x 12.25"H box with a hard-body structure that comes with nine StowAway utility boxes.

The way it works is that the 787 has an integrated storage rack that receives and holds four 3700 Series StowAways individually, each at a 15-degree angle. That means the utility boxes are gravity fed and held securely in place by their own weight. Their front edges are exposed for easy identification as to what's inside each one, and allows quick access to the utility of choice.

The front of the 787 has a compartment cover that conveniently slides underneath and out of the way when it's time to fish; it pulls ups and provides positive closure for transportation.

The other five StowAways included are two each of Model 3601 and Model 3449, and one Model 3650. They are stored in different places throughout the box's structure. On the 787's backside is an expandable storage pocket that can accommodate anything from rain jacket to fishing maps.

The Plano 787 Angled Tackle System retails for around $79.99, but anglers also have a chance to win one for free as part of Plano's regular monthly consumer contests. No purchase is required to enter. For more information, visit

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