Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Give Your Reels a Blast

While a dry cloth will remove the obvious dust, Ardent's Reel Blast is a pressurized dirt remover that can get in those hard-to-reach places, removing excess dust and leftover debris from last season. Simply point and shoot the pressurized spray, and it will remove remaining particles of debris without requiring disassembly of your equipment.

Once your reels are cleaned and the dirt and debris from last season has vanished, it's time to prime your reel the right way.

"I take reel maintenance very seriously, which is why I use Ardent's Reel Supreme to oil my reel on a daily basis," said Pete Ponds, a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro. "It's a concentrated formula, so a little goes a long way. Just one drop on the spool shaft makes all the difference in the world."

Ardent's Reel Supreme is a liquid microlubricant containing a suspended dry lubricate with an anti-corrosion additive. It dissolves grease, oil and salt on contact so the performance of your reel is not compromised. It also removes contaminants and debris from metal and fills the pores of the metal with microlubrication particles that are slippery, waterproof and more stable than grease or oil.

"Whether I'm fishing fresh water or saltwater, I always have Ardent's Reel Supreme on hand," said Ponds. "It fits nicely in my shirt pocket or the glove box of my boat. It's a must-have if you want to keep your reels in good condition."

When it comes to prepping the rest of your gear for the new season, Ardent has an array of products that will take care of your equipment, even what's in your boat.

Take it from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Denny Brauer.

"You invest a lot in your boat, especially the electronics we use for fishing these days," said Brauer. "There's nothing worse than a scratched or smeared Hummingbird screen. Using the proper cleaning solution and cloth are essential to maintaining the life and look of your electronic equipment."

Ardent's Screen Kleen is a specially formulated alcohol and ammonia-free cleaner for use on electronic screens. This streak-free cleaner can be used on all marine electronic displays, GPS screens, digital camera screens, MP3, PDA, and DVD player screens. It is also safe for use on computer screens, and all LCD screens.

"There's one thing I've learned in my years as a professional angler, don't cut corners," said Brauer. "I've done some critical damage to screens by not cleaning them properly. People just don't realize how dirty your screens get out there on the water when all those little water spots collect dust. It ruins visibility and you take a greater risk of ruining the equipment. Ardent's Screen Kleen is an affordable solution to take care of all the electronic equipment in your boat."

Ardent's Screen Kleen also comes with a washable, scratch-free microfiber cloth. Brauer cautions to throw it in the laundry often to avoid any accumulation of debris that may ruin your electronic screens.

Don't let your gear hold you back this season. Rule the water.

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