Monday, November 15, 2010


For those anglers that are looking for a new way to understand the product they’re about to buy, Pure Fishing is introducing MS Tag technology to their packaging.

MS Tag technology is a new way to view a product’s many features and benefits. When consumers download the free app to their smartphone they instantly have access to the latest information on Pure Fishing products.

“Pure Fishing is on the leading edge when it comes to new and innovative ways to provide end users with product information,” said John Bartow, Pure Fishing Senior Director Marketing. “With this technology consumers can access videos and information about the products while they are standing in the store or sitting on the couch. It truly is great technology that will educate anglers about the great products that Pure Fishing offers.”

Once consumers have accessed the MS Tag on their smartphone, by downloading the technology at, they can point their phone at the MS Tag on the packaging to access a wide array of information about the product.

Not only will the MS Tag be on the packaging, but on print ads as well. With the MS Tag technology incorporated into packaging and print ads, consumers have access to the latest product videos about the new Abu Garcia Veritas rods, and so many more fishing products, at the touch of a button.

“Consumers now have access to videos on rigging instructions and what type of line to spool on the new Abu Garcia Revo Premier spinning reel,” said Bartow. “We will be including this technology in all Berkley and Abu Garcia advertising and select Penn, Spiderwire and Shakespeare ads.”

Consumers can expect to see the MS Tag technology in advertising and on packaging as early as November, 2010.

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