Monday, November 15, 2010


Sportfishing's newest Secret Weapon is ready to deploy. Code-named "SLOG," this entirely new class of lures gives anglers an advantage on nearly any fishing mission. Launching just in time for the holiday season, this lure is the ultimate gift for fishermen and is sure to be on the top of their lists.

Lure builder and fishing guide Stanley Smith of Eminence, Missouri, designer of Pro Assassinator™ high-performance spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, said this is not just the best lure he's ever developed, but quite possibly the best he's ever used. "Every angler who's seen this bait move in the water knows exactly where he wants to use it," Smith said. "There's absolutely nothing else like it in the world."

This latest addition to Secret Weapon Lures' armory of high-performance, innovative fishing tackle consists of a crankbait head and an assortment of interchangeable soft bodies. Its high-impact ABS plastic crankbait head, fished just by itself, is one of the best wake baits ever produced. Each crankbait comes with a Duo-Lock snap that allows for maximum range of motion and makes switching out heads fast and easy. A wire-through design ensures a solid connection between fishing line and the lure's extra-strong treble hook.

Anglers reconfigure the lure in seconds using an integrated quick-clip buckle. Converting the SLOG from a crankbait to a swimbait, snake, or lizard is, literally, a snap. Two spades at the rear of the crankbait headsnap into a receiver firmly anchored inside each injection-molded body. To change the lure, the user compresses the spade tips and slides it apart.

Joey Mines, long-time outdoor TV host and striper guide from LaGrange, Georgia, advises, "Prefer a different body shape? Considering a different color? When light or water conditions change, or to make a follow-up cast with a different look, unclip one body and snap another in place. With the SLOG, the ideal bait for every cast can be just a click away."

Versatility is just one of this lure's advantages. The lifelike motion engineered into the SLOG is amazing, faking-out fish and freaking-out fishermen who witness it in action. "You don't have to be an expert angler to fish the SLOG, but you will catch fish like a pro using one," said Smith.

When retrieving a SLOG slowly with the rod tip pointed upward, the baby snake slithers across the lake looking even more attractive to predators than the real thing. Lower the rod tip and crank the reel a little faster, and the SLOG head pivots forward and the lure digs down 4-6'. The lizard's panic dive and lazy climb back from the depths accurately mimics a salamander's stealthy movement. Striped bass, northern pike and redfish attack the pollywog swimbait waking across or swimming just under the surface as they would a wounded bait fish.

The name SLOG is an acronym derived from the three body shapes: Snake, Lizard and Pollywog – Secret Weapon's name for its tadpole-shaped swimbait. The pliable, super-tough ElaZtech® bodies stretch without breaking, feel real in a fish's jaw, and hold up trip after trip. This lure will earn a prized place in tackle boxes and on fishing lines for years to come.

A SLOG Master Pack from Secret Weapon Lures, including three different heads, nine ElaZtech® bodies, and an instructional DVD, retails for $39.99. It is available through televised commercials and online at Single-lure Mini-kits and additional crankbaits and ElaZtech bodies are available, too.

Secret Weapon Lures is a US manufacturer of premium, high-performance spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and terminal tackle. Their lures, conceived and made in America's heartland, daily prove their worth on lakes and rivers across the US and around the world.

Contact Secret Weapon Lures, P.O. Box 340, Winona, MO 65588. 573-325-4041.;

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