Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have Your Say On California's MPA Regulations

From the Partnership For Sustainable Oceans -

Your time on the water is being threatened by the implementation of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), which requires the formation of network of marine protected areas (MPAs) in California's coastal waters, including marine reserves which prohibit all consumptive activities. This includes recreational fishing.

As the process to designate MPAs in southern California (from Point Conception south to the Mexico border) nears completion, serious concerns with the process are escalating. A recent court ruling validates long-held concerns about the secretive ways in which the groups implementing the MLPA have been making decisions that result in closures of large areas of California's marine waters to recreational activities. Like any other state agency, these MLPA planning groups are responsible to the public and should have been conducting the process in an open and transparent way to ensure education and public participation.
Attend the Upcoming Fish and Game Commission Meeting

At its upcoming October 20-21 meeting at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in San Diego the California Fish and Game Commission (FGC) will receive public testimony on proposed regulations for MPAs in California's South Coast region. The public comment period is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, October 20, starting shortly after 10:00 am.

Please attend the public meeting on October 20 and to ensure that anglers have a strong presence! Let the FGC members know your concerns with the implementation of the MLPA and how important recreational fishing is to you and your family. This is your opportunity to convey to the FGC your thoughts and concerns about the MLPA. Tell them:

* How important recreational fishing is to you!
* You are a conservationist, and that recreational fishing has a minimal impact on the ocean environment.
* The MLPA process has been flawed from the outset, with state agencies conducting business contrary to statutes governing their conduct.
* The FGC should suspend MLPA implementation in the South Coast given the numerous serious concerns surrounding the process.
* The ocean resources in California are healthy and recreational fishing closures are not needed. Fishery management in California is working!

Visit for more information on the October 20-21 meeting.

Visit for more information on the MLPA.

Thank you for doing your part to help KeepAmericaFishing!

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