Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mercury Marine Introduces Propeller for Volvo Penta Drives

Mercury Marine is proud to introduce the Quicksilver Thunderbolt line of propellers for Volvo Penta® Duoprop® drives.

Now owners of Volvo Penta DPS drives now can experience the performance improvement that comes with running a Quicksilver Propeller. Quicksilver propellers are manufactured by Mercury Propellers – the world leader in marine propulsion. The Quicksilver Thunderbolt is made in the U.S. at Mercury Propellers Investment Casting foundry in Fond du Lac, Wis.

In recent testing, the Quicksilver Thunderbolt outperformed the Volvo F6 propeller with improved top speed and 5 percent quicker 0-20 acceleration. The Quicksilver Thunderbolt is a suitable replacement for Volvo Type F Duoprops – the most common propeller fitment for Volvo DPS drives.

The performance gains are driven by the Thunderbolt’s cutting edge four-blade front propellers coupled with a three-blade rear propeller.

“The four blade front propeller is the difference maker,” said Dirk Bjornstad, brand manager for Mercury Propellers. “For this system, we made the front propeller a four-blade for superior holding and acceleration. As it turns out, the system is also faster on the top end as well. We think boaters will appreciate the improved performance.”

The Quicksilver Thunderbolt is available in 19 to 28 pitch. Within this range, The Thunderbolt is available in seven pitches, which provides more propellers to choose from when dialing in a boat for top performance. It also features Mercury Marine’s proprietary propeller alloys, metals that provide superior strength, but offer the corrosion resistance required to stand up to demanding freshwater and saltwater applications.

Even with improved performance and durability, a set of Quicksilver Thunderbolt propellers will cost significantly less than a pair of Volvo Penta’s Type F propellers.

“The combination of performance and value with this product is best in class,” said Bjornstad.

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