Tuesday, February 15, 2011

iRod Fishing Signs Harold Allen

When asked why the 5-Time Bassmaster Classic top ten finisher joined iRod he stated, “I’ve been watching what Matt (Newman) and the guys at iRod have been doing, they are aggressive and already have a great lineup or rods and anglers. The future is going to be good for iRod and I want to be a part of it from the ground floor.”

Matt Newman president of iRod Fishing was equally excited about Harold becoming the latest member of the pro staff, “Harold Allen is a true living legend of our sport. He’s been fishing professionally since 1970 and without question his expertise on rods will be a valuable asset to the iRod company.”

Allen will join forces with Bassmaster Elite Series anglers Fred Roumbanis and Nate Wellman, FLW veteran Gabe Bolivar and western pro Bub Tosh on the iRod pro staff. "Fred’s Magic Stick, Gabe’s Rip Rap Special and Bub’s Punching rod are already big sellers for us at iRod. We've already talked about some models Harold would like to see in the lineup,” Newman quipped.

Fred Roumbanis was another key element in Allen’s decision. “I’ve been talking with a close friend, Fred Roumbanis, about these rods for a while. If Fred says they are quality rods, then they are quality rods, so I knew I was going to like them before I ever held one,” stated Allen.

About iRod Fishing company:iRod Fishing rods are developed by the pros for their favorite techniques which makes iRod Fishing Rods the most technologicallyadvanced and comfortable fishing rods on the market. iRods are bridging thegap between the high cost of technology and affordability. We know onceyou've got an iRod in your hands you'll feel what we are talking about.

About Harold Allen:

Harold Allen has competed professionally since 1970 and with Bassmaster since 1974. Currently Harold fishes the PAA events and is a dual qualifier for the PAA Allstar event in 2011 (points and legend status). Harold is also the co-host of The Bass Zone which provides live on location coverage of BASS Elite Series events and the Bassmaster Classic.

Contact iRod Fishing Matt Newman 818-312-2704

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