Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Berkley HAVOC is Unleashed

There have been thousands of new introductions of soft plastics over the years, but none bigger or more anticipated than
Berkley® HAVOC® soft plastics.

HAVOC soft plastics are pro designed for bass fishing and give anglers lifelike action with a wide-ranging lineup of colors.
An introduction of four new baits will begin at the Bassmaster Classic with additional introductions throughout the B.A.S.S.
Elite Series season including new and innovative shapes as well as proven forms.

“Berkley has worked extensively with our Pro Team to create shapes with actions that satisfy their rigorous standards,” said Brad Danbom, Berkley Product Manager. The great thing about HAVOC is no other baits out there are as unique and action packed as these soft plastics.”

The first introductory baits include the HAVOC 4-inch Devil Spear™, 4-inch Craw Fatty™, 3-inch The Deuce™ and the 4-inch Pit Boss™. Each bait will be available in 10 pro selected colors. The MSRP for HAVOC soft plastics is $3.49.

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