Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tim Horton Joins Duckett Fishing Team

Tim Horton, a former Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year and one of the most respected competitors on the Elite Series tour, has joined Duckett Fishing's 2011 professional staff, company owner and CEO Boyd Duckett announced today.

Horton is the latest pro angler sporting an impressive track record to join the staff of Duckett Fishing, a company that began rod distribution early in 2010. Horton joins Elite Series anglers Kelly Jordon, Terry Scroggins, Byron Velvick, Jason Williamson, Pete Ponds and former Classic champion and company owner Duckett on the Duckett Fishing team.

"Timmy is obviously a great angler. He engraved his name forever in our sport by winning Angler of the Year, something every angler covets. But what's even more important to us, Timmy's a professional on and off the water," Duckett said.

"Another thing that's truly important about Timmy is that he's a hands-on guy when it comes to product development," Duckett added. "He's like our other pro staff guys in the fact that he will help us develop leading products in the future."

Horton is the fourth Duckett pro staff member to have earned the elite status known as BASS "millionaire" by winning more than $1 million in B.A.S.S. competition. Horton joins Jordon, Scroggins and Duckett in earning that distinction.

Horton has won four B.A.S.S. tournament titles, while finishing second three times. He has 27 Top 10 and 45 Top 20 finishes in his career. Horton has competed in the Bassmaster Classic 10 times.

"I've known Boyd Duckett for years, and I have tremendous respect for him as an angler and a businessman. He's a leader that you can trust. He's also savvy. What has really impressed me is that he takes no shortcuts when it comes to developing rods," Horton said.

"I've had a lot of conversations with Kelly Jordon and Terry Scroggins about the Duckett rods. Those are two guys that never settle for second best, and they told me I had to try one," Horton said. "When I did, I was absolutely blown away with how well they function. They are light and sensitive. In fact, they are the most sensitive fishing rods I've ever had in my hand. "

Horton added, "What Duckett Fishing is making is not any typical flipping or cranking stick. Boyd's group discusses things like how the action works 12 inches down and then 24 inches down, things like that. Every action gets broken down. Those things just show you that Boyd's concerned about every aspect of his product. This is the kind of organization I'm delighted to be part of."

Duckett, the 2007 Classic champion and a highly successful businessman, announced the formation of Duckett Fishing in November 2009. The company's signature product is a lightweight rod known as MICROMagic that utilizes microguide technology. Duckett's initial lines are white, which caught Horton's attention immediately after the rods were introduced.

"I was working with a company a few years ago, and I tried to tell them that it would be a good idea to change the cosmetics, to do something that would distinguish their rods. In our business, we've always been tied to dark rods, and it's hard to tell what anybody is using," Horton said. "But when I suggested doing something that would make the rods stand out, nobody wanted to hear it.

"Now I'm with a company that understands even the cosmetics. They just 'get it' when it comes to details."

Duckett, with tongue in cheek, added that there was one final resume item about Horton that makes him a natural for Demopolis, Alabama-based Duckett Fishing.

"The home office of Duckett Fishing has great allegiance to the Alabama Crimson Tide. And Timmy, well, he's an Auburn fan," Duckett said. "In a show of political correctness and balance, we felt that we had to bring him on."

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