Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Website Brings Controversy

A new kind of website, one designed to provide the consumer with information about boats, power sports products, and (coming soon) recreational vehicles soon goes live, the first such resource for the industry.

Similar to sites in the automotive market, See Dealer Cost is not a selling site, but provides product information, including prices, features and specifications. Site users will be able to configure products and save configurations in their account, or print them out. In addition, a wide range of supportive information will be available, including financing, insurance, relevant articles, and pre-owned value information. For participating companies, See Dealer Cost is a lead generation and/or advertising site.

According to the company, in addressing the recreational products industries, new boat, power sports and recreational vehicle sales are down significantly over the past 4 years. They say that the way the marine, power sports and RV industries do business must change because price destabilization has caused the "floor" to shift dramatically.

"Today's buyer requires high value, technologically advanced products, great service, ease of doing business and the best deal possible," they said. "The problem is customers don't know what the best deal possible is." The auto industry, however, reports a higher closing rate when the customer is better informed.

The information gathering process is time consuming and frustrating to the potential customer, and does not instill trust or support customer satisfaction. The company says its solution is to give customers all the information they need to make a more informed purchase decision in an easy to navigate site.

The information is free to visitors of www.paydealercost.com.

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