Monday, January 10, 2011

Lindner Doesn’t Love Winter

Story by Alan McGuckin
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Al Lindner is a superhero among northern fisheries, and winter is like a bucket of kryptonite to his passion. He doesn’t pretend to love ice fishing, so for Al, winter is just a good time to get a lot of work done in his office. “I only ice fish because there’s no ‘soft water’ around here in January, and I just can’t go for months without catching something,” he said from his central Minnesota home. “I’m looking out the window watching 20-mph winds blow snow off my roof, it’s miserable,” said Lindner.

“I start each morning with three or four cups of coffee and then I get 30-minutes of exercise on the treadmill, followed by stretching and core exercises -- then it’s on to getting a lot of fishing industry related work done,” he explained.

“For example this morning, I talked with Jimmy (Al’s nephew) about some very basic outlines for the Angling Edge shows we need to shoot this year, and I’ve also been talking a lot to the guys at Quantum about the rod blanks we tested last fall,” said Lindner, winner of two early B.A.S.S. tournaments held in Tennessee and Virginia during the 1970s.

Lindner and the Angling Edge team worked primarily on a series of walleye and smallmouth bass rods with Quantum product managers last fall. “I was shocked at how great the rods were from the get-go, but we’re working to make them perfect. For example, for live bait rigging, using corks and light line, the rod really has to be right, it’s gotta be long, but if it’s too stiff you can’t lob it out there without tearing the bait off the hook in mid-air. Conversely, we’re working with Quantum to design a shorter rod for fishing soft plastics for walleye,” explained Al.

“I told the wife this morning before I jumped on the treadmill that all the goodies I ate during Christmas had added four pounds of fat to my waistline. I told her I was taking over as dietician at our house. I’ve got to get those four pounds off,” said Lindner.

The good news is, he’s got plenty of time here in the calendar’s first quarter to ride the treadmill, and it’s hard to stop a superhero, even in frigid temperatures.

“But I’m stuck in colder weather, Maybe tomorrow will be better.” - Zac Brown Band

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