Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lake El Salto & Anglers Inn Heating Up

Anglers Inn International at famed Lake El Salto has become famous for its phenomenal service and giving anglers a once-in-a-lifetime experience never to be forgotten.

Lake El Salto went through some water level growing pains, which caused fishing conditions to cool by the end of 2010. The hot summer months concentrated piles of fish around timber, giving anglers the perfect opportunity to catch high numbers of fish. As usual, the water level dropped and in 2010 the lake level was at a near all time low. When the rain approached, it caused the lake to rise over 40-feet in a very short amount of time. This caused the level of the water to suffocate the vegetation, which caused the fish to suspend in hopes of finding higher levels of oxygen.

Now, as each week that passes, anglers are reporting larger numbers of fish caught. The hot baits right now are 5-6 inch Senkos (watermelon and watermelon red flake), 8” Zoom Lizards (same colors), small swim baits with white bellies, crank baits (citrus pattern) and Rat L Traps (silver with blue back). On average, anglers can expect to catch at least 30-40 fish per day. Anglers also have the opportunity to hoist bass up to 10-pounds in size during their stay at Anglers Inn International.

“The fishing conditions on Lake El Salto are outstanding,” said Steve Svrcek, Minnesota native and loyal Anglers Inn guest. “We were catching 30-50 bass each day on 8-inch lizards. My wife and I will be back very soon. The service that Anglers Inn provides is the best around.”

Potential anglers can visit to find out more about our exciting new offers.

Vacationers looking for a travel alternative can contact Anglers Inn Sportsman's Club Family Vacation Specialist and a Travel Specialist will assist in every aspect. For more info or for booking your next Anglers Inn International adventure at either Lake El Salto, Lake Mateos, the Amazon or a saltwater fishing trip in Mazatlan, Mexico call 1-800-GOTA-FISH, (468-2347) or send an e-mail to

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