Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crankbait Cover-Ups Joins Forces with ArmyBassAnglers

/ The mission statement behind ArmyBassAnglers (ABA) is “SUPPORT. DEFEND. FISH,” and Pat Garvey, founder of Crankbait Cover-Ups company, pledged his support today of the ABA mission through a multi-year sponsorship.

“I am proud to be an American and enjoy those liberties, such as fishing, that our servicemen and women serve to defend daily through the United States military," said Garvey, president of Crankbait Cover-Ups. "What really sparked my interest in ArmyBassAnglers, is when I asked one of your Pro Staffers to fish the Make a Wish Foundation on Lake of the Ozarks. After 8 hours in the boat with Pro Staffer Russ McBurney (Also an ArmyBassAnglers Coalition Pro Staffer) from Springfield Missouri, I was eager to join forces with ABA and a few conversations later with the President of ABA, Cody Roberson I knew this was a Mission and Organization like no other.

"Our Company is now committed for the next three years to be the exclusive Crankbait Cover of ArmyBassAnglers. Now I can proudly say that Crankbait Cover-Ups, with the support of two Bassmaster Classic Champions Guido and Dion Hibdon and ArmyBassAnglers and their Coalition of Anglers, from all branches of service, we are poised to SUPPORT.DEFEND.FISH.,” Garvey added.

ABA consists of 12 pro staff anglers and 183 coalition anglers all of whom are active duty or retired U.S. military from all branches of service. The group currently fishes Bass Champs on the World Fishing Network and numerous grassroots events, and gained national prominence as the Ceremonial Launch Boats for the past two Bassmasters Classics. It also raised national awareness for Returning Heroes Home, and Heroes on the Water and Veteran Outdoors.

The Warrior & Family Support Center, ABA’s original non-profit it supported, is a 12,000-square-foot rehabilitation center, funded solely by private donations and provides space for wounded soldiers undergoing treatment in San Antonio, which allows them to spend private time with their friends and families when they are not actively participating in rehabilitative treatment.

Heroes on the Wateris a National non-profit 501(c)(3) that focuses its efforts on kayaking and fishing as a rehabilitative outdoor activity for wounded veterans recovering from their combat injures. HOW is an incredible alternative to power boat fishing and outdoor recreation that has provided very inspiring results both in physical and emotional rehabilitation.

Veteran Outdoorsis a non-profit 501(c)(3) that completes the ArmyBassAngler’s Task Force of non-profits that provides big game one-of-a-kind hunting and fishing experiences for wounded veterans with some of the country’s most experienced pros and guides all focused on the wounded hero and his story.

“We are extremely excited about joining forces with the Crankbait Cover-Ups and the ability to add to our already incredible line of 'tactical' angling products and sponsors. Crankbait Cover-Ups now allows us to add two all-new combat multipliers to our arsenal," stated President Cody Roberson.

"The Crankbait Cover-Up offers us the distinct ability to protect our crankbaits from harmful UV rays that fade our baits and extends our baits overall longevity for longer lasting bait life--saving us money--and most importantly, their 'industry-unique smoked color' Stealth series covers provide us a level of “Stealth” to protect ArmyBassAngler and Coalition Pros from any other anglers ability to glean critical G2 (Military Intelligence) from our bait selections before we get on the water. This stealth capability is huge in giving us the ability, for the first time, to institute operational force protection and security measures at major tournaments.

"Everyone’s been to a tournament and snuck a peek at another angler’s rods to glean some intel from his boat. We’ll we now have stealth like protection, thanks to Crankbait Cover-Ups to provide us that much-needed protection prior to any tournament. We couldn’t be more pumped about our new relationship and capabilities, while continuing to track and locate sponsors that are combat multipliers to our mission. We are proud to join forces with a company and product as advanced as the Crankait Cover-Ups—HOOAH. We look forward to a long, strong and 'stealthy' relationship with Crankbait Cover-Ups.”

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