Saturday, January 29, 2011

ATTRAXX Signs Seven More to Pro-Staff

Building upon an already solid team, ATTRAXX added seven more top bass pros to its 2011 team. Ramie Colson, Brandon Coulter, Steve Daniel, Keith Monson, Jason Ober, Jacob Powroznik and Nicolas Supik will join Craig Powers, Greg Pugh and 2011 Bassmaster Classic qualifier Randall Tharp on the ATTRAXX pro staff.

“We’re very fortunate to put together such a great team of anglers at the top of their game,” said Howard Hammonds, president of Mystic Tackleworks, parent company of the ATTRAXX soft baits and CP Series crankbait brands. “Each of these experienced anglers will design the kind of baits they want to use – the kind that really catch fish.”

From Cadiz, Ky., Ramie Colson won nearly half a million dollars as a professional fisherman since 1995. He won three major tournaments including a 2008 FLW Series event on Wheeler Lake, Ala. He also won two Bass Fishing League events.
“I’m very happy to be a part of this,” Colson said. “I like to fish deep-water ledges with big jigs and worms. For fishing a ledge, the 10-inch ATTRAXX Ribbontail Worm in green pumpkin candy is my first choice. The action of the Ribbontail is unmatched by any other worm. I also love to flip shallow cover so I know I’ll catch a lot of fish with the Mystic Bug.”
Brandon Coulter of Knoxville, Tenn., made four top 10 FLW finishes since 2002 to win more than $149,000. In 2010, he ranked 21st in the FLW Tour Majors circuit.

“I’m fired up about being part of the team,” Coulter said. “I’m really excited for the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something. I love the fact that we’ll get to design baits. I have some ideas about baits I’d like to design.”
Calling Clewiston, Fla., home Steve Daniel won three FLW Tour Majors events. Since 1995, he earned more than $281,000 on the tournament trail.

“I’m really happy to be aboard,” Daniel said. “I really like the fact that each bait has the SCI-X feeding stimulant impregnated into it so it’s not messy. The Mystic Frog is the best frog that I’ve ever thrown. The legs are a little longer than other frogs and kick up the water, making a unique sound. That sound makes it such a great lure. I also really like the Shadlyn. It comes across the water like a spook with really good side-to-side action.”

Keith Monson of Burkin, Ky., won nearly $500,000 in bass tournaments since 1995. He qualified five times for the All-American and twice for the FLW championship. He also took the BFL Mountain Division points leadership three times.

“I’ve never been a part of anything like this where we get to have input on what’s going on,” Monson said. “My two favorite ATTRAXX baits are the Mystic Bug and the MYZ-Stick. I use those baits for flipping in shallow water around beds. The Mystic Finesse Worm also has a lot of potential. I use it on a shaky head for fishing shallow water around beds.”

Jason Ober of Johnstown, Pa., won more than $200,000 in fishing tournaments. Noted for his drop shot, topwater, flipping and shallow cranking skills, he won two EverStart Series events in 2008 and an FLW Tour Majors tournament in 2009. He designed the Oberdad.

“The ATTRAXX product line and the concept behind it is something that this sport has lacked,” Ober said. “Having the SCI-X feeding stimulants built into the bait is going to enhance it. The Oberdad was originally designed for power drop shotting. It has great tail action and displaces a lot of water as it falls. This bait will also work very well as a jig trailer, for punching through thick vegetation or with a Carolina rig.”

Jacob Powroznik of Prince George, Va., pocketed more than $600,000 in tournaments since 1998. Among his accomplishments, he won an EverStart event in 2003 and a BFL event in 2006.

“It’s great to be part of the ATTRAXX team,” Powroznik said. “The best part of it is that ATTRAXX has allowed some anglers to create their own baits. I designed a flipping bait called the Jacobug. It’s a small profile bait that’s going to be awesome. Instead of veering off to the left or right like many flipping baits, this bait has two arms that makes the bait fall vertically so it stays in the strike zone.”

Nicolas Supik of Butler, Pa., began his professional fishing career in 2005. In his first 23 events, he made two Top 10 finishes, one in an EverStart Series and one in a 2010 FLW Eastern Division tournament. In 2009, he ranked 19th in the EverStart Series Northern Division.

“It’s fabulous to be part of such a team,” Supik said. “I like fishing drop shots. That ATTRAXX Dropshot Shad is awesome. When I drop shot on a fish I saw on the depth finder, I might have a 50 percent chance of getting it. With the ATTRAXX Dropshot Shad with SCI-X, that chance goes to about 80 percent.”

Developed after years of research into what makes fish bite, each ATTRAXX soft bait contains SCI-X, the most advanced feeding stimulant ever placed into a fishing lure. When a fish bites an ATTRAXX bait, the biodegradable SCI-X natural chemical compound activates nerve centers in the fish’s brain telling it to eat.

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