Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attraxx puts Together 2011 Pro Staff

Hitting the ground running in 2011, Attraxx signed three top bass pros to promote its new line of soft baits loaded with SCI-X feeding stimulants.

First, Attraxx added Craig Powers of Rockwood, Tenn., to the pro staff in late 2011. Powers, a master caster and legendary topwater angler, earned more than $1 million during the past 20 years on the FLW professional bass fishing trail. He also designs and crafts his own line of CP Series balsa crankbaits, which joined Attraxx and Bio-Pulse in the Mystic Tackleworks family of lures.

“These homemade crankbaits have done more for my career winnings than any other bait I’ve ever used,” Powers said. “If you use the right CP Series crankbait in the right situation, you will catch more fish or I’ll buy it back!”
“Craig Powers is one of the foremost topwater fishermen in the world,” said Howard Hammonds, president of Mystic Tackleworks. “As far as casting ability, he’s one of the best fishermen on the planet. Because of his casting ability, he can catch fish that most other anglers can’t even tempt.”

Two Alabama pros joined the Attraxx team in 2011, Hammonds announced. Veteran FLW competitor Greg Pugh of Cullman and FLW Tour Pro and Bassmaster Classic qualifier Randall Tharp of Gardendale will throw Attraxx soft baits this season.
“We are extremely happy and fortunate to have such top pros join our team,” Hammonds said. “Each of these men will well represent the Attraxx brand on the water and in everything they do. We’ll be hearing much more about all three of our pros in the future. Fishing with Attraxx soft baits infused with SCI-X feeding stimulants will give them an edge on the tournament trail.”

Pugh won more than $500,000 in his professional fishing career. Well-known for his flipping techniques, he loves to fish shallow water. Attraxx soft baits will give him an added advantage.

“The Attraxx product is the way the industry is supposed to be,” Pugh said. “The Attraxx soft baits are great and will continue to get better. The designs are already good, but with this pro staff we will have the little things covered to make them even better. Fish hold on to these baits longer and that is a good thing in tournaments. Attraxx is a difference maker in my book.”

Tharp qualified for this first Bassmaster Classic. He will compete in the 2011 Classic, slated for Feb. 18-20 in New Orleans. A versatile angler, he won back to back Southern Opens in 2008. He also won several FLW events.

“I am very excited about working with Attraxx,” Tharp said. “I look at this sponsorship as a lifetime deal because I am so excited about the product and I really like the way they do business. I am all about making tools that allow me to catch more bass and we are going to get the chance to do that with Attraxx. From the texture of the bait to the science behind it, I am very excited about putting it to the test.”

As pro staffers, Powers, Pugh and Tharp will also help design and test new Attraxx products. Now available through Tackle Warehouse, Attraxx soft baits come in most popular shapes including craws, worms, shad, grubs, lizards, frogs, tubes and beavertails. Attraxx also offers a line of saltwater soft baits.

Infused with the revolutionary SCI-X, each Attraxx soft bait releases massive amounts of the most advanced feeding stimulant ever placed into a fishing lure. When a fish bites an Attraxx bait, the biodegradable SCI-X natural chemical compound activates nerve centers it’s a fish’s brain telling it to eat. As a result, the fish vigorously attacks the lure and hangs onto the bait longer.

“When a fish bites into an Attraxx soft bait, it’s like one of those candies with a liquid center that gives a burst of flavor after a person bites into it,” Powers explained. “When a fish gets a taste of an Attraxx bait, it won’t let it go, so anglers get better hooksets.”

For more information on Attraxx baits, see or call at 860-415-0530.

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