Thursday, December 9, 2010

TBF Launch's TWF

The Bass Federation (TBF) today announced the launch of The Walleye Federation (TWF), modeled closely on the TBF. In summary, it's a grassroots walleye organization focused on youth, conservation and competition. Spots for TBF clubs will be made available in the Cabela's National Team Championship and one angler will win a Living The Dream package.

TBF and TWF president Robert Cartlidge noted: "Walleye anglers the world over have always been the same great anglers bass enthusiasts are. They care about the same things – club and angler camaraderie, sharing their passion for the sport with young and new anglers, and supporting commonsense conservation issues. The one thing walleye hasn't had is a unified voice through a grassroots member organization guided by its members like bass anglers have for 40 years.

"Walleye anglers and their families should have the same opportunities and benefits bass anglers have been able to enjoy for decades. At the end of the day we're all fishermen – bass, walleye, or perch, it's the challenge of fishing and the tug on the line that has us all hooked. So we've joined forces with other industry leaders, drafted a plan unlike anything walleye has ever seen, and met with walleye clubs across the nation to get feedback. The result is The Walleye Federation."

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