Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lund Boats Partners with Traditions Media

The fishing legends at Lund Boats recently announced a new partnership with the angling-public relations specialists at Traditions Media, LLC. With continuing innovations in durability, fishable-functionality and high-end on-the-water performance, Lund has built a 60-plus year tradition of excellence that remains unrivaled in the fishing-marine industry.

Traditions Media’s immediate role will be to champion Lund’s recent model introductions – such as the new Impact series – and keep the unrivaled leader in fishing boat design and quality in the public eye, as well as help educate anglers about Lund’s many new award-winning features.

“We are very excited with Lund Boat’s new partnership with Traditions Media,” said Lund Boats marketing director, Jason Oakes. “This partnership provides Lund with a great opportunity to increase our exposure and to be top-of-mind to the fishing and boating consumer. The team at Traditions Media brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the public relations field and has ties to key players in the fishing and outdoor arena. Lund is thrilled to be working with Traditions Media and to announce this partnership.”

Noel Vick, President of fishing-focused Traditions Media, whose client list includes notables Frabill, Northland Fishing Tackle, Aquateko, StrikeMaster and MarCum Technologies, had long admired the superior quality and performance of Lund Boats, a sentiment that dates back to his earliest angling memories.

"I grew up in Lund country,” said Vick. “Even in my fishing circles as a kid, Lund was the brand of boat everyone aspired to own. I can clearly remember the broad smile across my face when I trailered by first new Lund off the dealer lot."
Vick continued: "Passion will be a driving force in our efforts to promote Lund Boats. We're passionate about the product, and of course there's that feeling of kinship working with a legacy manufacturer.

"Plus, we'll be working with fishing greats the likes of Al and Ron Lindner, Gary and Tony Roach, Tom Neustrom, Mark Martin, Jeff Gustafson, and the list goes on and on. No doubt, the best of the best on the water are Lund loyalists. We anticipate a long, successful partnership, reinforcing Lund’s legacy of engineering top-tier fishing boats."

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