Friday, December 10, 2010

Aquateko Partners with Traditions Media

Aquateko, makers of the InvisaSwivel and Knot2Kinky tie-able leader wire, recently announced a new partnership with the fishing-focused public relations specialists at Traditions Media, LLC. With the first significant innovations in terminal tackle in some years, Aquateko’s product line of new generation terminal tackle has garnered immediate high praise from industry insiders.

Identifying the need to effectively tell Aquateko’s story of innovation and quality, company president Keith Kessler felt that the collaboration with Traditions Media was a natural.

“The Aquateko/Traditions partnership is a perfect match,” said Kessler. “Aquateko is dedicated to crafting the most innovative tackle products in fishing. Traditions Media has the talent and expertise to effectively and consistently promote new and innovative products to every facet of the sportfishing industry.”

“These products are acknowledged winners — everyone who sees and uses the InvisaSwivel or Knot2Kinky leader wire agrees. This partnership will help expand our message to the masses, assuring that every angler on the globe has access to this next generation of terminal tackle.”

Noel Vick, President of Traditions Media, whose client list includes notables Frabill, Northland Fishing Tackle, StrikeMaster and MarCum Technologies, instantly recognized the uniqueness and functionality of Aquateko’s product line.

"Ironically, the first exposure I had to InvisiSwivel was through a press release issued by Keith Kessler himself,” recalled Vick. “His products were of particular interest because I was leaving on a family vacation to Mexico and figured the Pacific waters would be prime for testing. I requested samples. He obliged.

“The InvisiSwivels performed marvelously for inshore casting. No line twist while throwing surface baits and stickbaits for grouper, pompano and yellowtails. As advertised, they proved invisible and neutrally buoyant, too. I was sold."

"After that, one thing lead to another and we struck a business relationship. A credo of ours at Traditions Media is to represent only products we use, and brands we trust, no exceptions. InvisiSwivel and Knot2Kinky easily exceed those criteria."

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