Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Strike King Gets Technical- Adapts Microsoft Tags into its Marketing Efforts for 2011

Have you ever seen one of the multicolored bar codes as seen above? Well if not read on. Electronic Tags are a cool new way to connect print media or any other visual media with Digital media. These tag barcodes are embedded with a URL or a link to a video, website, or pretty much anything you can think of.

Strike King recently started using the Electronic Tags in print ads and looks to take that a bit farther as they move into 2011. “The Electronic tags are a great way for us to cross market our print media with our increasing digital media” says SKL Marketing Manager Chris Brown. “We can place a tag on a print ad, package, business card or retail signage and link it back to our website, a YouTube video on our SKL Channel or anything else we want in digital media and increase awareness on one or all of our products.”

The Tags are easy to use using a smartphone like an Iphone, droid, blackberry or a phone with a camera that can access the internet. Simply download the FREE application or “App” from the website http://gettag.mobi or your appropriate App Store and select the phone you have and download the software. Once downloaded select the APP and it will use the phones camera to “Scan” the Tag you are looking at. Follow the instructions on the screen and BAM! There you go, access to whatever the tag pertains to and no typing in long web addresses or links. Just click the APP, scan and there you go.

“We are really excited to be using the Tag Technology in our marketing efforts in 2011, you will start seeing the tags in alot more places and some great new content to go along with it.” Says Brown.

You can even scan tags from websites, TV’s anywhere you see a tag you should be able to scan it.

Currently Strike King has several Tags in print ads and signage out there. Below are some of the tags themselves and also a recent print ad with the tag included in the ad.

Scan the tags you see and look for them and make sure you scan the tag to learn more about Strike King products.

[caption id="attachment_4321" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="New Tungsten Print Ad for 2011 utilizing a Custom Video Tag for the new Tungsten Line."][/caption]

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