Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get the "Drop" on Big Fish

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect ice-fishing combination. Start with fish-scale flash and vibration. Add in tantalizing little kicks, shakes and flutters. Now give the spoon enough heft to reach the fish-zone fast. (Flash, vibration and weight—all vital traits of a premium jigging spoon.) Completing the circle, hanging below, or more appropriately, dangling enticingly below is the real meat of the matter—the slick new BAIT-CHAIN™ DROPPER HOOK by the spoon artists at Northland® Fishing Tackle.

Gamefish flock to the glow of a Northland® spoon, but closing the deal often calls for a little something extra – actual live bait. BAIT-CHAIN™ DROPPER HOOKScan be easily clipped to any weighted spoon, adding just the right incentive for turning reluctant sniffers into reckless killers. Fashioned with gold-plated, fine link chain, this strike-producing tool works in perfect harmony with the spoon, swinging, fluttering and delivering a chunk of meat straight into the jaws of heavyweight perch, crappies, walleyes and trout. When stubborn fish snub traditional spoons, it’s time to clip on a BAIT-CHAIN™ DROPPER HOOK. Simply remove the treble hook, and snap one on to your BUCK-SHOT® RATTLE SPOON.

“When jumbo perch are giving me fits, there’s only one solution,” says TEAM NORTHLAND Pro-Staff Chip Leer. “A gold-plated BAIT-CHAIN™ DROPPER HOOK is the key during a tough bite—it turns any spoon into a fish-catching machine. I can get down fast, attract ‘em with flash, and subtly entice those jumbo striped beauties with a hunk of live bait. The dropper adds a little extra action to a minnow head, maggots or a live minnow, and the swinging chain makes it easy for passive fish to inhale the whole hook. No serious ice angler should be without an assortment of BAIT-CHAIN™ DROPPER HOOKS. They’re the hottest concept on the ice!”

Constructed from premium gold-plated, fine link chain, Northland’s new BAIT-CHAIN™ DROPPER HOOK is available in four length/hook combinations, each adorned with a versatile Mustad® Fast-Snap and a premium hook. Models include a 1-1/2-inch #8 single hook, 2-inch #6 single hook, 1-1/4-inch #14 treble and 1-3/4-inch #12 treble. Each of the four different length/size combinations comes in a handy 2-pack.

For more information and a 2011 catalog, contact Northland® Fishing Tackle Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email us at norfish@northlandtackle.com. Website is www.northlandtackle.com.

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