Friday, November 12, 2010

Charlie Moore Discusses the Autotether

AUTOTETHER™ is a wireless lanyard that shuts off a boat’s engine in the event that the operator falls into the water. Additionally, AUTOTETHER™ sets off an alarm if passengers or pets wearing the AUTOTETHER™ sensors fall into the water.

AUTOTETHER™ has taken 40 year old technology and put it into the 21st Century! Unlike traditional lanyards that require the operator to be tethered to the boat, the AUTOTETHER™ boating safety device is an unobtrusive wireless unit. It operates use cutting edge RF technology; the boater wears a small, wireless personal sensor that sends radio waves to a receiver connected to the boat’s ignition. When the sensor is submerged in water, the signal between the transmitter and the receiver is instantly broken because radio waves do not travel through water, and AUTOTETHER™ activates the ignition kill switch.

AUTOTETHER™ is easy to install. It clips right to the boat’s ignition switch. The clip is connected via a short, coiled wire to a receiver that is mounted on the boat’s dashboard, next to the ignition switch, using “peel and stick” adhesive strips. No wiring or tools are required. The system is self-powered via inexpensive AAA batteries, which are supplied with the kit. An indicator light on the transmitter changes color when it is time to change the batteries. (Battery life is dependent upon individual boater system usage but typically 100-150 hours of on time.)

AUTOTETHER™ is patented and trademarked. Charlie Moore’s website is www.charliemoorecom.