Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mercury Signs Chad Morgenthaler

Longtime Yamaha pro Chad Morgenthaler has inked a deal to run a Mercury instead. Morgenthaler actually competed this year without a motor sponsorship – he left Yamaha after the 2009 season, he said, and ran a self-purchased motor on his Phoenix boat.

He's competing with his new Phoenix/Mercury combo for the first time this week at the Table Rock PAA Tournament Series.

"I did sign a contract with Mercury and it allowed for an entry-level position with the company," Morgenthaler said. "We both felt that was a good place to start because it takes some time to switch over the branding and marketing. My local dealer, Nameoki Village Marine, helped with everything. They're a platinum Mercury dealer and I've already been able to direct a bunch of potential sales in Mercury's direction.

"I'm looking forward to a longstanding relationship and I'm thrilled to death with the new motor," he added. "It's a 250 OptiMax built by Mercury Racing with a Torquemaster lower unit. It's bad to the bone."

He also noted that 80% of the Phoenix boats that leave the factory have a Mercury attached, and now both he and Phoenix teammate Greg Hackney run the same boat/motor combo.

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