Monday, October 18, 2010

Hawg Wild Lure Co. Shaky Worm Review

A worm is a worm right? I thought that when I received a sample pack of Hawg Wild Lure Co's shaky worms. At first glance they looked like one of the other thousands of soft plastic worms I have seen over the years. I tossed them up on a shelf with a bunch of stuff waiting to be tested without a second thought. A day or so passed when I seen them sitting there and decided to take them with me to a tournament based on the fact they were black with blue flake and I had been catching keepers on that color.

Day of the tournament the bite was tough although black w/ blue fleck was still getting bites but far and few between. Bites were very soft just grabbing it and holding it. After a couple hours passed and only one keeper in the boat I decided it was past time for a change. I started digging through my plastics looking for a miracle. I seen the shaky worms and the color was right so I figured there was no time like the present to find out if they were any good. This was also my first look at one out of the package. To my surprise this was not the normal 4-5 inch shaky head worm. This shaky worm was a full 7" but still has that finesse feel due to the slim body.

I rigged one up on a Zappu Inchi Wacky and one on a 3/16oz Hoern Toad Tackle shaky head. Results came much faster than I ever expected with multiple catches on both set ups. This made the light bulb go off since we had one keeper but had only had a few bites the entire morning. After about the fifth or sixth fish my partner was asking if he should switch baits. We had boated more fish in about 30-45mins than we had the previous couple hours so things were for sure looking better.

The day didn't turn out to be a winning day but the question of a worm is a worm was answered. Hawg Wild Lure Co's worm is not the typical finesse worm or the traditional short shaky head worm. The overall length gives it the big worm look but with the slim body gives it a finesse look as well. It is kind of a between worm and with that thought I have since used it while flippin and Texas rigged. I have been able to catch fish with it every way I have tried it.

Overall I was impressed with Hawg Wild Lure Co shaky worm. The worms holds up for multiple catches while using most techniques except while wacky rigged but that is typical of any bait. The price is not bad either at $5.00 for a 20 pack. Color options are great with 17 to choose from. The option to choose from 10 styles of flake allows you to zero in on that specific color you need or to create a go to bait nobody else knows about. The next time you find yourself in the position that the bite is tough check out the Hawg Wild Lure Co's shaky worm.

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