Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting Reel with Fred Roumbanis

As a native of Northern California, it's no surprise that clear water bass fishing comes as second nature to Ardent Angler and Elite Bass Pro Fred Roumbanis.

"When you're fishing in clear water, you've got to be prepared to find the bass before they see or sense you," said Roumbanis. "Obviously the clearer the water, the more difficult that becomes."

Bass behave differently in clear water then they do in other environments. Living in a clear water habitat conditions the bass to recognize sounds and shadows of birds and other animals, as well as anglers. The bass are more aware of the dangers around them which makes it more difficult to catch them in clear water.

"For this reason alone, it's important to approach the bass from a distance with natural bait," said Roumbanis. "That's why I prefer using the Ardent XS1000. It outcasts every real I've ever used, no matter the weight of my line."

It's easy to downsize and throw a lighter line to make a longer cast. But as Roumbanis has proven in his career, the
Ardent XS1000 has no problem casting long distances even with a 10 lb. line. Last season, Roumbanis caught an 8 lb., 4 oz. bass on Kentucky Lake during the Bass Elite Tennessee Triumph tournament on a 10 lb. line and his Ardent XS1000 reel.

"I remember that tournament well, " recalled Roumbanis. "There was no drag with the reel and it never locked up. It was completely uninhibited by the weight of the line. I would bet that the Ardent XS1000 outcasts any reel by 20 ft. and it's all due to the precise engineering of the reel and the spools tolerance to allow further casting."

It's distance that makes all the difference when it comes to clear water fishing. Simply put, the longer the cast, the more distance between the angler and the bass. The more distance between the angler and the bass, and the odds are best for catching more bass of greater size.

"If you throw your line to the bass before they see you, you're golden," said Roumbanis.

Made in the USA like all Ardent products, the Ardent XS1000 Baitcasting Reel is the brand's premiere reel, with precision engineering for pro-like performance on the water. It's specifically designed for greater casting distance, like that needed in clear water fishing.

The XS1000 has received the prestigious seal of approval from the North American Fishing Club and is the official reel of the American Bass Anglers. Today, more than 55 professional and amateur tournament anglers, including Roumbanis, fish the Ardent XS1000.

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