Friday, October 8, 2010

FLW Outdoors Clarifies Logo Policy, Revises Rule 19

Official clarification from FLW Outdoors, followed by the complete text of the revised Rule 19.

Clarification -

"FLW Outdoors clarified Friday the changes to its recently announced logo policy for the 2011 Walmart FLW Tour and Forrest Wood Cup. While the policy was relaxed with certain restrictions, the organization clarified that most restrictions only apply to jerseys worn on the final 2 days of a tournament.

"As the new policy had been originally written in the official FLW Tour rules for 2011, it appeared as though anglers could not wear logos of sponsors that in any way conflicted with a list of exclusive sponsor categories across all 4 days of an FLW Tour event or the Cup. However, these exclusivity restrictions only apply to jerseys worn on days 3 and 4."

Revised Rule 19

19. Logo usage and television coverage
FLW Tour, Majors and Opens and Forrest Wood Cup: During all days of competition any and all tobacco logos are prohibited and may not be worn or displayed. On day 4 of the FLW Majors and Opens (collectively and hereinafter “FLW Tour”) and the Forrest Wood Cup, anglers who make the final-day cut must use boats and use camera equipment if supplied by FLW Outdoors. Anglers may wear their own jersey every day of the tournament. On days 3 and 4 the main logo/design and any additional logos on the jersey may not conflict or compete in any way with the exclusive categories/companies below. If an angler wears his or her own jersey, that jersey must include the following logos on days 3 and 4 of the FLW Tour and Forrest Wood Cup: a 5-inch wide FLW Fantasy Fishing logo and on the upper left chest a 5-inch wide FLW Outdoors logo. Additionally on day 4 jerseys must include a 5-inch wide logo of the FLW Outdoors Sponsor that corresponds with the FLW Outdoors Sponsor boat (e.g. Walmart) that the angler will compete from. FLW Outdoors will provide these logos. Jerseys worn on days 3 and 4 may not include logos of another fishing tournament organization (e.g. BASS or PAA). If the angler does not have his or her own sponsor jersey he/she must wear one provided by FLW Outdoors.

Exclusive Categories:
# Automotive
# Boats
# Marine Electronics
# Outboard Engines
# Trolling Motors
# Retailer – Outdoor or other
# Armed Services/Military
# Coffee
# Donation Centers
# Breakfast, including cereal, frozen breakfast, breakfast pastry
# Snack crackers
# Cookies
# Cell Phone Service Provider
# Alcoholic beverages
# Meat, including but not limited to, chicken, hamburger, hot dogs, bratwurst
# Boxed/shelf stable meals
# Soup/Stew
# Invisible tape, painters tape
# Fabric guard, stain guard
# Bread
# Paper products including but not limited to paper towels, paper plates, paper napkins, note paper
# Salty snacks including but not limited to chips, pretzels, popcorn, nuts
# Confectionery products including but not limited to chocolate, gum, mints, chewy candy, licorice
# Dairy products including but not limited to ice cream, milk, cheese, butter
# Condiments including but not limited to, peanut butter, jelly, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, marinade sauces
# Soft Drinks including but not limited to ice tea, water, sports drinks, juice, energy drinks
# Pet food
# Household cleaning products
# Hygiene products including but not limited to shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash
# Lip balm
# Over the Counter medications including but not limited to analgesics, cough and cold, sinus, allergy, antacid, proton pump inhibitor
# Automotive tires and oil
# Hardware tools
# Fast food chains
# Financial institutions including but not limited to banks, credit cards, brokerage firms
# Electronics including but not limited to batteries, televisions, cameras, computers
FLW Outdoors reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to prohibit any angler’s jersey that it finds to be offensive or in any way competes with any of the above referenced categories/companies. Anglers that would like to wear their own jersey must get all jerseys approved by FLW Outdoors the night before day 3 competition for the FLW Tour and Forrest Wood Cup. Only approved jerseys may be worn or displayed during tournament hours extending through the weigh-in. Any angler displaying a non-approved jersey may be disqualified. On days 3 and 4 of the FLW Tour and Forrest Wood Cup, anglers may wear any hat or rain suit that does not in any way compete with the above referenced categories/companies or FLW Outdoors. On days 3 and 4 of the FLW Tour and Forrest Wood Cup, competitors may not fish while using tobacco products. Smoking is not allowed in the weigh-in line during all days of competition. On days 3 and 4 of the FLW Tour and Forrest Wood Cup, FLW Outdoors may, at its sole discretion, place a camera operator in a tournament boat. During the 2011 season FLW Outdoors reserves the right to add sponsors and categories/companies to the above list; however, if an angler has made FLW Outdoors aware of all anglers’ sponsors prior to FLW Outdoors adding the category/company to the list then the angler may be allowed to display the competing logo for the remainder of the year. All decisions are in FLW Outdoors sole discretion. For any questions regarding logos please contact Aaron Hall at 870.704.2276.

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